OTs on LTAs now have access to benefits

As a result of the Central Table Agreement, occasional teachers across the province now have access to benefits through OTIP if they are in an LTA for 90 days or longer. Occasional teachers who have a LTA which has an “unknown end date” will qualify for benefits once they teach the 90th day. OTIP will contact occasional teachers who qualify for benefits once the Board has sent the LTA information in. The transmission of information can take 4 weeks or longer, but note benefits are retroactive to the start date, so keep your receipts.  If the LTA is a 1.0 FTE you will not have to pay; however, should your FTE be less than 1.0 you will be responsible for paying for the portion outside of the LTA FTE (e.g., LTA FTE 0.6; you would pay 40% of the cost of the benefits) and are still eligible. For more information visit ETFO’s website using this link ELHT Benefit Plan. Still have questions? Contact your Local President.