Let Us Know

If you have been threatened or experienced violence while working as an OT, please access the following flowchart to be sure of what steps to follow:

Student Violence Flowchart

Let Us Know – Health and Safety

Very Brief Surveys To Keep Us in the Loop

These surveys are for the use of the OT Union Local.

Board Forms should be completed first and should be submitted to your administration.

Classroom Evacuations – In some work sites especially, we are hearing that classroom evacuations are too frequent of an occurrence. There are no mechanisms, however, to track these situations so we’ve created a reporting form which will take you less than two minutes to complete. We think it is dysfunctional for classroom evacuations to be happening – certainly on a regular basis and we want to assist you. We need you to complete this survey so that we can.

Classroom Evacuation Survey

Safe Schools Form – This form is an internal form to the school and there is no system data of the usage and effectiveness of these forms. You are not allowed to make a copy of this form, however it is recommended that you keep detailed notes for your personal records regarding the incident. Completing this survey will take less than 1 minute. Generally, we want to know: 1) how often they are being used, 2) are you receiving the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RECEIPT OF REPORT from your administrator.

Safe Schools Survey

Reporting To The Principal

Safe School Report< Violent Incident Reports –

 A copy (picture/screenshot) of the completed form should be emailed to etfokimfin@gmail.com the same day you submit to your principal.

Work Place Violence Survey